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About us

Expecting a visit from an international client?

Organising a meeting for your European sales staff?

Use our interpreters to communicate smoothly.

Interpreting is a highly specialised service, and few language providers have the requisite in-house knowledge. We are one of the few. In fact, we embrace interpreting, precisely because it provides us with unique insights. After all, as interpreters we get to see with our own eyes how your products work and hear directly how you speak about your company and business activities. Interpreters are there when you launch your latest product or service. This delivers unique insights when providing the written translations of the catalogue or leaflet about those same products.

"How can you translate a machine manual when you've never seen a production environment with your own eyes?"

The combination of translation and interpreting keeps our professionals on their toes, so that they are even better versed in the subject matter. Of course, we always follow your preferences when it comes to using specific phrases or words—you don't get that kind of knowledge and experience from a dictionary. And that is the strength of our approach.

"How can you be a good interpreter without doing your homework? "

And there's no better preparation than translation.

Sometimes you have to set clear boundaries. At Buro-T, we like to keep things clear. As our customer, you will have a single point of contact for all of your translation and interpreting assignments, who will support you throughout the process: from getting a quote to delivering the service and follow-up. Of course, that person is not alone. Our agency boasts a database of more than 1,200 translators and interpreters, not only in Belgium, but also in the rest of Europe and far beyond. So you can rely on us for a large number of common and less common language combinations.

Legal, technical, government, NGOs, high-profile

Our customers are still our best salespeople: 90% of our new business comes from referrals. It is thanks to their loyalty that we have been able to thrive since we began back in 2003.

What typifies almost all of our customers is that they demand discretion from their suppliers. That's not surprising considering their profile, as many of them are internationally renowned law firms, companies with security-critical infrastructure or high-profile individuals who value their privacy. Hence we are extremely cautious with their data and only publish a few references online. But please do contact us to talk about similar jobs we may have done in your field.