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Legal & sworn translations


Technical translations

Our definition of a work of excellence? A perfect translation, delivered on time.

Some documents have to be translated by a sworn translator before they can be used officially. These include statutes, minutes, diplomas, notarial deeds or judgments that are to be used abroad. The translator places their signature on the sworn translation to indicate that the translation has been done by a fully certified professional.

You can contact us for sworn translations to and from French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and many other languages.

In many cases, a translation not only has to be sworn, but also legalised by a court of law. We can help you with this too. For a translation to be legalised, it must first be printed, signed and stamped by the translator and then sent to a court. The president of the court will then stamp the translation again, to confirm that it has actually been done by a sworn translator. As you can see this is quite a complicated procedure.

In order to avoid unnecessary costs and delays, it is best to talk to the authority or company requiring the translation so you know exactly what you need. This way you can be sure that legalisation is indeed necessary.

We don't just understand things in textbooks, but in the workplace too: thanks to the combination of translation and interpreting, our professionals are better versed in the specific technical jargon of your day-to-day practice. It goes without saying that we use high-quality software to translate specific jargon correctly and consistently and to monitor quality, but most importantly we can rely on our translators' expertise. Click here for more information..
For us, delivering excellent quality work means delivering a perfect translation within the set deadline.